Welcome to Barkdale

At Barkdale Dog Grooming and Spa we love your dog as much as you do. We aim to create a fun and pleasant environment so your dog will love coming to us and leave us happy and relaxed as well as looking fantastic.


We take a holistic approach at Barkdale and aim to make the grooming experience a pleasant one.
Barkdale is completely open plan, the dogs are groomed without harnesses or restraints, relieving any stress or tension they might have. Dogs are free to wander round and play with their friends while they are awaiting their turn, but have separate cushioned spaces available if they need a bit of quiet time.
We have a full wet room that dogs walk into, perfect for little and large dogs alike, and we have over 20 different shampoos and conditioners by leading US brand Isle of Dogs to tailor the treatment specifically to your dog's skin and coat needs.
A little extra care goes a long way to ensure that dog grooming is an enjoyable and stress free experience for your dog.

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